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How to Figure Out What You Need

How do we get what we need in the midst of demands, relationships, stress?

One simple approach is to take a bit of time to look at the disparity between what we know we need and our actual lived experience. We know a lot about what we need and often are not doing many of those things on a regular basis.

We know about vegetables and end up throwing out half of the drawer from the fridge, because we forgot to actually eat them. We know how much sleep we need and yet stay up late. We intend to call the therapist to start our therapy journey and the weeks go by… nothing on the calendar.

A weekly or monthly check-in can be invaluable if we want to get more honest and find ways to get out of our own way.

I love Spiritual Direction as a way to sort through the jumble of life as it really is and to begin to feel able to set a priority for doing rather than thinking about doing. Once some of that sorting is done, I am better able to plunge deeper into my connection to God and to the meaning I am attempting to walk out in my life.

I can begin to spend more luxurious time meditating on how my calling actually gets walked out, lived out. I feel more sure of how to budget my time and who I really am as that honest time ticks by. I love the space in each session to tune in and ask, “What is?” and “What do I want the answer to the question to be?” I can begin to find ways to honor my wants and needs with the help and support of my Spiritual Director and I absolutely love helping others do the same in their lives.

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