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In inviting path through evergreen trees winding to the right up ahead.

Find Your Way

Through Spiritual Direction

And Live a Deeper More Meaningful Life

Sign at the top of a mountain showing distances to faraway places.

What now?

Many of us are longing to try a new path
that is a better fit...

It’s challenging to be confident of the next step:​​

  • What am I best at? 

  • How do I respond to God's call on my life in spite of failure? 

  • What if I need to change, but I'm too tired? 

  • How do I heal from disappointment, so I can move forward?

Everybody deserves to have the confidence and clarity to try again. 

Working With Me

Your experience is important to me


You'll find I create a safe space for you to share openly. 


You will always be accepted and cared for. 


This is your journey. What you share stays between us.

Learn More About Spiritual Direction

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What People are Saying

“Brigid's spiritual direction validates my struggles while placing them in a larger spiritual context that enables more influential personal discovery throughout the process. The direction also creates stronger confidence in my (sometimes new, sometimes not) path ahead. ”

— Pearson


Your Journey Starts Here

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