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Find Your Way

Through Spiritual Direction

And Live a Deeper More Meaningful Life

Grappling with the Unknown . . .

The world today is overloaded with information about what is important and how we should live. 

It’s difficult to know what is right for us:​​

  • What is my calling in life?

  • How do I make good decisions?

  • What is my next right step?

  • Which strategies for spiritual health are best for me?

Everybody deserves to have confidence and clarity
to move forward in their lives.

Working With Me

Your experience is important to me


It’s important that you have the ability to trust and explore without the baggage


You will always be accepted and loved.


This is your journey. What you share stays between us.

Learn More About Spiritual Direction

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What People are Saying

“Brigid's spiritual direction validates my struggles while placing them in a larger spiritual context that enables more influential personal discovery throughout the process. The direction also creates stronger confidence in my (sometimes new, sometimes not) path ahead. ”

— Pearson


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